What’s your appetizer calorie budget?

An appetizer can be a good strategy for controlling how much you eat at your meal. Take a look at how many calories typical starters have and you can begin to make make healthier choices.

Additional healthy eating advice.

How many calories do you spend on side dishes?

When choosing side dishes be careful to consider how they will impact your calorie wallet. Onion rings, fries & coleslaw can be a real calorie drain. Especially if you enjoy dipping before eating!

Fruits And Calories

Fruit delivers a burst of vitamins as well as a naturally delicious taste and it’s all low calorie.  A serving is usually about 50 or 60 calories. An average-sized orange has only about 12 grams of natural sugar, and a cup of strawberries has only about 7. You’ll also be getting 3 grams of fiber, vitamin C, healthy antioxidants, and a shot of folic acid and potassium.

Trying to lose weight, fruit is a good option as healthy snack and as a dessert for main meal.  Ideally with snacks choose between fruit, protein and vegetable snacks ie not all fruit snacks. Avoid/limit the cab based snacks which cause swings in blood sugar levels. For a main course best to get a balanced meal including protein and vegetbables rather than just a bowl of fruit.

List of fruits showing fiber content and number of calories

Calories In Desserts

If your calorie budget is 150 calories for dessert, what are the best options?

Check out the amout of fibre and calories in fruit