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What Does 2000 Healthy Calories Look Like?

Calorie requirements do vary depending on someones height and weight, but as an example, what does 2000 calories per day loook like?

These calories vanish quickly if our food choices have a lot of fat and sugar. And can you squeeze in at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, 3 servings of protein, 3 servings of whole grains and a little bit of healthy fat into our breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Registered dietitian Susan Bowerman walks us through an entire day of food, from a protein shake, fruit and whole-grain toast breakfast to a grilled seafood dinner, with two snacks thrown in for good measure. At the end, she shows us just how bountiful and delicious a 2,000 calorie day can be.

Simple – advice but effective, aim for a min of 15g of protein per meal.

What was your favourite option shown? If you have ideas on healthy meal and snack ideas, share them with us in the comments section!

Herbalife provide personalised programmes, which include recommended daily protein intake and resting and active metabolic rates.


Vegetables Are The Best Calorie Bargains Around

Vegetables are full of water and low in natural sugars, which keeps their calorie content down. Keep the preparations simple and use flavorings like herbs, spices and citrus to season instead or creams or cheeses. Vegetables are the best calorie bargains around.