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Herbalife Formula 1 & Protein Drink Mix Shake Made in Water

Replace high fat, high calorie, high sugar, low nutrition foods with low fat, low calorie, low sugar, nutritionally dense food…that’s Herbalife Formula 1 and Protein Drink Mix. Herbalife recommends that active individuals have an intake up about one to two

What Does 2000 Healthy Calories Look Like?

Calorie requirements do vary depending on someones height and weight, but as an example, what does 2000 calories per day loook like? These calories vanish quickly if our food choices have a lot of fat and sugar. And can you

Fruits And Calories

Fruit delivers a burst of vitamins as well as a naturally delicious taste and it’s all low calorie.  A serving is usually about 50 or 60 calories. An average-sized orange has only about 12 grams of natural sugar, and a